Adopt-a-Bench Program

Adopt-a-Bench Program

Honor a family member, friend, veteran, or organization by adopting a new or existing six-foot steel bench in one of Dublin's many parks.

The Adopt-a-Bench program is designed to allow the public to honor special people or events in their lives and provide long-lasting beautification to Dublin parks. Through the program, any individual, family, business, or community group can provide a donation to adopt a park bench, which includes a personal message on an engraved plaque. A donor would choose from one of two options, with City-specified bench designs, as follows:

dumor bench

Adopt an Existing Bench 

Donation Level: $1,500 – Includes a customized plaque installed on an existing park bench within a City of Dublin park.

Adopt a New Bench

Donation Level: $2,500 – Includes a brand-new park bench to be installed and a customized plaque in a City of Dublin park. Consideration would be given to replacing an existing bench that has reached the end of its useful life.                                                       


A bronze dedication plaque with a personalized inscription will be mounted on each adopted park bench. The standard dedication plaque measures 2" x 10". Sentiment on the plaque is limited to three lines, 30 characters per line (including spaces).      

Upon installation, all park benches and plaques will become the property of the City of Dublin and will be maintained by the Public Works Department. The donor does not have any claim to ownership of either the bench or the plaque. 

Bench Maintenance

There is ten-year bench maintenance and plaque replacement guarantee. Maintenance of all benches will be the responsibility of the City of Dublin including graffiti removal and painting, as-needed.

The bench will be kept in place if serviceable beyond ten years.

When a bench is no longer serviceable, applicants will be advised and given the opportunity to purchase a new bench under the terms and conditions then in effect. If it is not renewed, the commemorative bench may be rededicated by a new donor.

For more information on our Adopt-a-Bench Program, please contact the Parks and Community Services Department at (925) 556-4500. 

Printable Information Card 

Adopt-a-Bench Program

  1. For new benches, we will try to accommodate your preferred location, however location will be subject to final approval by the City of Dublin.

  2. The plaque verbiage is limited to 3 lines, 30 characters per line (including spaces)  

    Text that in any way markets a product or service shall not be permitted. 

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