Utility Box Art

Utility Box Art  Program

This popular Public Art Program has added color and character to Dublin’s streets, while deterring graffiti and other forms of vandalism. The City of Dublin currently has over fifty painted utility boxes spread throughout Dublin.  

Look for these the next time you are out and about in Dublin.  

Get Involved

In the spring the City of Dublin invites qualified professional artists, or student artists working under the supervision of an art teacher or art professional, to submit designs for painted utility boxes. A new design theme is chosen each year. All painted utility boxes are City-owned traffic signal boxes. Selected artists will be paid a $1,000 stipend per utility box painted.  

In addition to the theme, proposing artists are encouraged to review existing utility box art collection and develop proposals that are unique and unlike anything the City already has. Final selections take place in June, and artists begin painting boxes in July. 

2023 utility box art coming soon, and are expected to be completed by October 2023. 

The next call for artists will take place starting February 2024.

TitleDate AddedArtist(s)Location
2022-Crossroads, by Chloe RongCrossroads
2022Chloe RongSan Ramon Road & Silvergate Drive
2022-The Crossroads, by Angela QiangThe Crossroads
2022Angel QianSan Ramon Road & Vomac Road
2022-The Breeze of Summer Flowers, by Sophia LeeBreeze of Summer Flowers
2022Sophia Lee
Amador Valley Blvd & Donohue Drive
2022-Under the Dublin Sun, By Ryan ZhangDublin Under the Sunset
2022Ryan Zhang
Dublin Blvd & Inspiration Drive
2022-Dublin Skys the Limit, by Alsion ThomasDublin Sky’s the Limit
2022Alison Thomas
Fallon Road & Turnberry Drive
2022-Dublin is the Holiday, by Ekaterina BazlakovaDublin is the Holiday
2022Ekaterina Bazlakova
Fallon Road & Cydonia Court
2022-Path to Dublin, by Jou Mari HallarePath to Dublin
2022Joy Marie Hallare
Tassajara Road & Palisades Drive
2022-Creeks Through Dublin, by Iris ShenCreeks through Dublin
2022Iris Shen
Tassajara Road & Wallis Ranch Drive
2022-Geometric Wilderness, by Malachi DiazGeometric Wilderness
2022Malachi Diaz
Tassajara Road & Rutherford Drive
2022-Celtic Knot, by Rob CorderCeltic Knot
2022Rob Corder
Central Parkway & Chancery Lane
Birds in Nest and Small Flowers, by Rob Corter. 1Birds in Nest and Small Flowers2021Rob CorderHacienda Drive and Hacienda Crossing
Garden Kaleidoscope, by Sophia Lee. 1Garden Kaleidoscope 2021Sophia Lee Tassajara Road and Dublin Boulevard
Highland Hills with Poppies, by Eric Michael Rauseo. 1Highland Hills with Oversized Poppies 2021Eric Michael RauseoTassajara Road and Dublin Corporate Way
Dublin 4th of July, by Jennifer Huber. 1Dublin 4th of July 2021Jennifer Huber Brannigan Street and Gleason Drive
Dublin Deer Project, by Beau Thomas. 1Dublin Deer Project 2021Beau ThomasGrafton Street and Gleason Drive
Dublin Nights, by Jeri Martens. 2Dublin Nights 2021Jeri Martens Madden Way and Gleason Drive 
Summer in Dublin, by Anne Giancola and Vera Lowedermilk.2Summer in Dublin 2021Anne Giancola and Vera LowdermilkGleason Drive and Fallon Road 
Spring Raven, by Rhonda Chase. 1Spring Raven2021Rhonda Chase Fallon Road and Bent Tree Drive
Mandala Design, by Swati Rastogi.1Mandala Design 2021Swati Rastogi Central Parkway and Kelton Street
Common Yellowthroat and Black-headed Grosbeak, by Talavera Ballon. 2021Common Yellowthroat and Black-headed 2021Talavera Ballon Fallon Road and Central Parkway

Flora and Fauna2020Bill Russell Central Parkway and Keegan Street

Spreading Love 2020Cindy ZhouCentral Parkway and Tassajara Trailhead

Flowers 2020Dawn WeickumDublin Boulevard and Regional Street

Poppies 2020Ekaterina BazlakovaAmador Valley Boulevard and Starward Drive

Crossroads of the Bay Area2020Matt Wills
Dublin Boulevard and San Ramon Road
utility box art by Rhonda Chase, Dublin Life Kites CultureDublin Life, Kites, and Culture2020Rhonda Chase Central Parkway and Lockhart Street

Picket Fence 2020Rob CorderTassajara Road and The Shops at Waterford

Sunflowers with Birds2020Sarah LeeDublin Boulevard and Golden Gate Drive 
utility box art by Talavera Ballon, Finch and WarblerHouse Finch and Townsend Warbler2020Talavera BallonAmador Valley Boulevard and San Ramone Road

Yasemin Ezberci

Central Parkway and Tassajara Road

Comic Book Style Landscape2019Daelyn Cerruti
Dublin Boulevard and Clark Drive

Gas Pump2019Jessica EastburnDublin Boulevard and Dublin Court

Maps2019David EisenstadtDublin Boulevard and Iron Horse Trail Parkway

Shamrock Skies2019Suzanne GayleDublin Boulevard and Park Place

The Wheel2019Irma Grant Dublin Boulevard and Hansen Drive

19562019Jennifer HuberDublin Boulevard and Scarlett Court

Travel Through Time2019Theresa MuleyDublin Boulevard and Dougherty Road

1950's2019Aarthi MuthukumarDublin Boulevard and Sierra Court

Persimmon Tree2019Suhyun Alice ParkDublin Boulevard and Arnold Road

Dublin at Dusk 2018
Suzanne GayleDublin Boulevard and Hacienda Drive

Dublin's Finches2018Sarah LeeDublin Boulevard and Toyota Drive

Lawn Mowing Raccoon2018Rikki ListAmador Valley Boulevard and Brighton Drive

Iron Horse 2018Anthony Michael Diaz Amador Valley Boulevard and Brighton Drive 

Kite Flying 2018Jennifer HuberDublin Boulevard and Glynnis Rose Drive

Birds on a White Picket Fence 2018Rob CorderCentral Parkway and Glynnis Rose Drive

Box of Popcorn2018Anthony Michael DiazDublin Boulevard and Hibernia Drive

Dublin's Flags2018Bora ShinDublin Boulevard and John Monego Drive
Kimberly Overton ~ Village Parkway & Davona Drive Opens in new windowShamrocks and Hands2017Kimler OvertonVillage Parkway and Davona Drive
2017-Gayle-Pets Cat and Dog Opens in new windowPets (cat and dog)2017Suzanne GayleVillage Parkway and Brighton Drive
Suzanne Gayle, 2017 ~ Village Parkway & Brighton Drive Opens in new windowbrightly colored Shamrocks2017Suzanne GayleVillage Parkway and Tamarack Drive
Kalani Ware, 2017 ~ Village Parkway & Amador Valley Boulevard Opens in new windowShamrock on green and orange box2017Kalani WareVillage Parkway and Amador Valley Boulevard
John Osgood, 2017 ~ Village Parkway & Lewis Avenue Opens in new windowBird and Shamrock2017John OsgoodVillage Parkway and Lewis Avenue
2017-Long-Dublin landscape Opens in new windowDublin's Heritage Landscape2017Lisa LongVillage Parkway and Dublin Boulevard