Utility Box Art

Utility Box Art  Program

This popular Public Art Program has added color and character to Dublin’s streets, while deterring graffiti and other forms of vandalism.  The City of Dublin currently has over twenty painted utility boxes spread throughout Dublin.  

Look for these the next time you are out and about in Dublin.  

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The Utility Box Art Program takes place annually with 8-10 new or existing utility boxes painted by local artists.  The process typically begins each spring with an open call-to-artists. Following Heritage & Cultural Arts Commission review and recommendation, and final approval by City Council, agreements are awarded to selected artists with artists stipends provided.  Painting of utility boxes by selected artists typically takes place in July-Sept of each year.  Continue to check back as the most up-to-date information will be shared on this page when future opportunities arise.

TitleDate AddedArtist(s)Location
Kimberly Overton ~ Village Parkway & Davona Drive Opens in new windowShamrocks and Hands2017Kimler OvertonVillage Parkway and Davona Drive
2017-Gayle-Pets Cat and Dog Opens in new windowPets (cat and dog)2017Suzanne GayleVillage Parkway and Brighton Drive
Suzanne Gayle, 2017 ~ Village Parkway & Brighton Drive Opens in new windowbrightly colored Shamrocks2017Suzanne GayleVillage Parkway and Tamarack Drive
Kalani Ware, 2017 ~ Village Parkway & Amador Valley Boulevard Opens in new windowShamrock on green and orange box2017Kalani WareVillage Parkway and Amador Valley Boulevard
John Osgood, 2017 ~ Village Parkway & Lewis Avenue Opens in new windowBird and Shamrock2017John OsgoodVillage Parkway and Lewis Avenue
2017-Long-Dublin landscape Opens in new windowDublin's Heritage Landscape2017Lisa LongVillage Parkway and Dublin Boulevard
Susanne Gayle ~ Dublin at Dusk ~ Dublin Blvd. and Hacienda Dr. Opens in new windowDublin at Dusk2018Suzanne GayleDublin Boulevard and Hacienda Drive
Sarah Lee ~ Birds in Our Backyards ~ Dublin Blvd. and Toyota Dr. Opens in new windowDublin's Finches2018Sarah LeeDublin Boulevard and Toyota Drive
Rikki List ~ Evolution of the Lawn Mower ~ Amador Valley Blvd. and Brighton Dr. Opens in new windowLawn Mowing Raccoon2018Rikki ListAmador Valley Boulevard and Brighton Drive
Anthony Michael Diaz ~ Iron Horse ~ Amador Valley Blvd. and Iron Horse Trail Opens in new windowIron Horse2018Anthony Michael DiazAmador Valley Boulevard and Iron Horse Trail
Jennifer Huber ~ Constant Winds ~ Dublin Blvd. and Glynnis Rose Dr. Opens in new windowKite Flying2018Jennifer HuberDublin Boulevard and Glynnis Rose Drive
2018-Corder-Birds on white picket fence Opens in new windowBirds on a White Picket Fence2018Rob CorderCentral Parkway and Glynnis Rose Drive
Anthony Michael Diaz ~ Family's Movie Experience ~ Dublin Blvd. and Hibernia Dr. Opens in new windowBox of Popcorn2018Anthony Michael DiazDublin Boulevard and Hibernia Drive
Bora Shin & Quarry Lane Students ~Dublin Flags ~ Dublin Blvd. and john monego Dr. Opens in new windowDublin's Flags2018Bora ShinDublin Boulevard and John Monego Drive
Cerruti-Comic book landscape Opens in new windowComic Book Style Landscape2019Daelyn CerrutiDublin Boulevard and Clark Drive
Gas Pump-Eastburn-2019 Opens in new windowGas Pump2019Jessica EastburnDublin Boulevard and Dublin Court
Maps-Eisenstadt-2019 Opens in new windowMaps2019David EisenstadtDublin Boulevard and Iron Horse Parkway
Shamrock Skies-Gayle-2019 Opens in new windowShamrock Skies2019Suzanne GayleDublin Boulevard and Park Place
Wheel-Grant-2019 Opens in new windowThe Wheel2019Irma GrantDublin Boulevard and Hansen Drive
1956-Huber-2019 Opens in new window19562019Jennifer HuberDublin Boulevard and Scarlett Court
Travel through Time-Muley-2019 Opens in new windowTravel Through Time2019Theresa MuleyDublin Boulevard and Dougherty Road
1950s-Muthukumar-2019 Opens in new window1950's2019Aarthi MuthukumarDublin Boulevard and Sierra Court
Persimmon Tree-Park-2019 Opens in new windowPersimmon Tree2019Suhyun Alice ParkDublin Boulevard and Arnold Road
Russell-Flora and Fauna Opens in new windowFlora and Fauna2020Bill RussellCentral Parkway and Keegan Street
Zhou-Spreading Love (1) Opens in new windowSpreading Love2020Cindy ZhouCentral Parkway and Tassajara Trailhead
Weickum-flowers (1) Opens in new windowFlowers2020Dawn WeickumDublin Boulevard and Regional Street
Bazlakova-Poppies Opens in new windowPoppies2020Ekaterina BazlakovaAmador Valley Boulevard and Starward Drive
Wills-Crossroads Opens in new windowCrossroads of the Bay Area2020Matt WillsDublin Boulevard and San Ramon Road
2020-Chase-Dub Life Kites Culture Opens in new windowDublin Life, Kites, and Culture2020Rhonda ChaseCentral Parkway and Lockhart Street
2020-Corder-Picket Fence (1) Opens in new windowPicket Fence2020Rob CorderTassajara Road and The Shops at Waterford
2020-Lee-Sunflowers with Birds Opens in new windowSunflowers with Birds2020Sarah LeeDublin Boulevard and Golden Gate Drive
Ballon-Finch and Warbler Opens in new windowHouse Finch and Townsend Warbler2020Talavera BallonAmador Valley Boulevard and San Ramon Road
Ezberci-Wave Opens in new windowWave2020Yasemin EzberciCentral Parkway and Tassajara Road