Poster and Essay Contest

About the Contest

The annual Dublin Pride Week Poster Contest is open to all K-12 students in Dublin. This contest is a project of the Dublin Pride Week Committee and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) Dublin/San Ramon chapter. All Dublin students in grades K-12 are encouraged to participate.

Essay Contest Details

The Dublin Pride Week Poster and Essay Contest will be postponed due to school closures resulting from the COVID-19 Shelter in Place Order.

Cancelation of the contest should not discourage youth from creating art and essays on the theme.  Should you or your child choose to create for the sake of creating, here is the prompt. In honor of Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary, the selected poster and essay contest theme is “Dublin - Our City, Our Earth”. What actions can you and your family make locally to reduce your impact on climate change globally?

2019 Poster Contest Winners

The theme for 2019 was "Dublin Makes a Difference."

2019 Essay Contest Winners

You can view the winning essays here

Grand Prize: Mihika Sharma

Grades 9-12 First Place: Donna Prince

Grades 9-12 Second Place: Saivishnu Tugulu

Grades 6-8 First Place: Afifah Akthab

Grades 6-8 Second Place: Franklin Hu

Grades 4-5 First Place: Advaith Gurram

Grades 4-5 Second Place: Divyansh Agrawal

Grades 2-3 First Place: Riddhiman Rana

Grades 2-3 Second Place: Kabir Khanna

Grades K-1 First Place: Elissa Ng

Grades K-1 Second Place: Dhriti Patel

Grand Prize- Afifah Akthab

1. Afifah Akthab- Grand Prize

Grades 9-12 First Place- Yena Lee

2. Yena Lee- 9-12 1st place

Grades 6-8 First Place- Aarushi Mupporti

3. Aarushi Mupparti 6-8 1st place

Grades 6-8 Second Place- Jayna Mendoza

4. Jayna Mendoza 6-8 2nd place

Grades 4-5 First Place- Manvi Gadisetti

5. Manvi Gadisetti 4-5 1st place

Grades 4-5 Second Place- Mikaela Le

6. Mikaela Le 4-5 2nd place

Grades 2-3 First Place- Riddhiman Rana

7. Riddhiman Rana 2-3 1st place

Grades 2-3 Second Place- Kundana Valluri

8. Kundana Vallori 2-3 2nd place

Grades K-1 First Place- Adharv Kair

9. Adharv Kair K-1 1st place

Grades K-1 Second Place- Vihaan Singh

10. Vihaan Singh K-1 2nd place