"Nature in Our Backyard" Photography Contest

"Nature in Our Backyard" Photography Contest Winners 

The City of Dublin recently held its second annual "Nature in Our Backyard" photography contest as part of Dublin Pride activities.  The City received 175 beautiful photographs of natural landscapes and wildlife taken in Dublin during the past 18 months.  A panel of judges selected the top 10 photographs, which were then posted on the City's website for a community vote. The top four vote-getters were chosen for awards.

Photographer Dianne Mao was named both the Grand Prize and First Place winner for her "Red 'n' Green Hill" and "Sunrise at Dublin Ridge" photographs.  Pradnya Kadam won second place with a photo entitled, "Beautiful Day," while third place went to Steve Kaatmann for his "Watchful Owl - Martin Canyon Creek Trail" photograph.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the photographs or contacting the photographers, please email us at ES@dublin.ca.gov.

Grand Prize: Dianne Mao, "Red 'n' Green Hill"
Red_n_Green Hill - Nature in Our Backyard Photo Contest



First Place: Dianne Mao, "Sunrise at Dublin Ridge"

Sunrise_at_Dublin_Ridge_ - Nature in Our Backyard Photo Contest



Second Place: Pradnya Kadam, "Beautiful Day"

Beautiful Day Photograph- Nature in Our Backyard Contest

Email ES@Dublin.ca.gov for contact information.

Third Place: Steve Kaatmann, "Watchful Owl - Martin Canyon Creek Trail"

Watchful Owl Martin Canyon Creek Trail-Nature in Our Backyard Photo Contest



Mike's Camera in Dublin will provide Dianne Mao, the Grand Prize and 1st Place winner, with gift certificates totaling $300. Second Place winner Pradnya Kadam will receive a $50 certificate; and Steve Kaatmann will receive a $25 gift certificate.  In addition, all of the top four winners will receive Certificates of Recognition from the Dublin City Council at the meeting to be held on January 12; receive a metal print of their picture from Mike's Camera in Dublin; and their photos will be displayed in the lobby of the Civic Center.

*The City of Dublin will have the right to display any of the submitted photographs on the City website and other City media to help promote the City of Dublin in perpetuity.  Photographer’s name will be included with the pictures.

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