Description & Philosophy

The City of Dublin’s preschool programs promote a warm and caring environment in which staff teaches a thematic-based curriculum with academic components. 

Students learn basic social and emotional development; language and communication skills; pre-reading skills; cognitive processing; analytical and mathematical skills; number, letter, shapes, and color recognition; plus, fine and gross motor development.

Both preschools provide a nurturing environment where each child can grow, learn to express themselves, and simply have fun! 

All of our preschool teachers and aides have training in the area of Early Childhood Education and are committed to the success of each of our students.

  • Children in all stages of development are welcome; however, they must be fully potty trained.
  • Proof of age and residency are required prior to acceptance into our preschool program. 
  • Children must be registered in the appropriate class based on age. We reserve the right to make necessary changes if needed. 

To receive more information regarding our preschool program, please call 925-833-6645, or email us
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Meet the Teachers

City of Dublin Preschool Teachers

City of Dublin preschool teachers are a qualified group of educators who possess a deep love for working with young children.

With great patience and excellent communication skills, they are dedicated to nurturing the growth and development of each child in their care.

Learn more about each teacher on our Teacher Bio page.

Hear from teachers and parents in this introduction video. For the best mobile viewing experience, click here.

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