Facility Rentals

NOTE: The City of Dublin is currently taking reservations for its facilities, within the guidelines of Alameda County Public Health Department health orders.

The City has many facilities that are available for rent to the community. All facilities can be reserved online. Reservation and facility information can be found here.

To contact the facility's rental coordinator please email Facility.Rentals@dublin.ca.gov.

Facilities include:

Dublin Civic Center

The City of Dublin's award winning Civic Center has one room available for rental, The Regional Meeting Room can accommodate up to 80 for dining and 125 for assembly. Civic Center is located at 100 Civic Plaza. 

 Room  Resident Rate (Per Hour)  Non-Resident Rate (Per Hour)
 Regional Meeting Room  $90.00  $108.00

Dublin Public Library - Library Community Room and Program Room

The Dublin Public Library has two rooms available for rental, the Community Room is 1,830 square feet and can accommodate up to 75 for dining and 80 for assembly. The library is located at 200 Civic Plaza. 

Room  Resident Rate (Per Hour)  Non-Resident Rate (Per Hour)
 Community Room  $90.00  $108.00
 Program Room   $90.00  $108.00

Dublin Senior Center - Alamilla Springs Ballroom

The award-winning Dublin Senior Center has six rooms available for rental, The Alamilla Springs Ballroom comfortably seats 200 for dining and 250 for assembly. The senior center is located at 7600 Amador Valley Blvd. 

 Room  Resident Rate (Per Hour)  Non-Resident Rate (Per Hour)
 Alamilla Springs Ballroom  $185.00  $222.00
 Lounge  $48.00  $58.00
 Classroom A  $37.00 $44.00
 Classroom B $28.00  $34.00 
 Classroom C/D $37.00  $44.00 
 Meeting Room  $17.00 $20.00

Shannon Community Center- Ambrose Hall

The Shannon Community Center has three rooms available for rental, Ambrose Hall seats 300 for dining and assembly. The community center is located at 11600 Shannon Avenue. 

 Room  Resident Rate (Per Hour)  Non-Resident Rate (Per Hour)
 Ambrose Hall  $250.00  $300.00
 Multi-Purpose Room  $70.00  $84.00
 Classroom  $30.00  $36.00

Heritage Park and Museums

The Dublin Heritage Park has three room/outdoor areas for rental, The Sunday School Barn seats 88 for dining and 120 for assembly. Heritage park is located at 6600 Donlon Way. 

 Room/Area  Resident Rate (Per Hour)  Non-Resident Rate (Per Hour)
 Hay Barn Lawn Area  $75.00  $90.00
 Old St. Raymond Church   $60.00  $72.00
 Sunday School Barn  $100.00  $120.00

The Dublin Wave

The Dublin Wave has one room for rental, The Community Room seats 60 for dining and 150 for assembly. The Wave is located at 4201 Central Parkway. 

 Room/Area  Resident Rate (Per Hour)  Non-Resident Rate (Per Hour)
 Community Room  $100.00  $118.00
 Water Park Buyout  *Call for info  *Call for info

The Parks and Community Services Department currently operates several facilities that are used for recreational programs, classes, and civic purposes. In addition, during hot summer days, the lobbies of these facilities are available for use as an informal cooling center. Beat the heat by enjoying the air conditioned facilities, which are open to the public, free of charge. 

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