Vector Control

Rodent Control

During periods of heavy rain, the City of Dublin, as well as other jurisdictions in the East Bay region, can experience a higher than normal population of vectors, especially rodents such as field mice (voles), particularly in areas where residential neighborhoods back up to open space areas.  Alameda County Vector Control Services District, a division of the Department of Environmental Health, is charged with responding to such complaints in order to prevent and minimize the spread of vector-borne disease.

Upon request, the Vector Control staff will provide an on-site inspection of your property, neighborhood, or community and evaluate the best methods to control the particular vector through habitat modifications, source reductions, education, integrated pest management practices, and regulatory code compliance.


The City of Dublin Public Works Department asks that residents experiencing concern over the presence of vectors on or near their property, please contact Alameda County Vector Control at (510) 567-6800.  For additional information, please visit their website.  Vector Control also recommends that residents and HOAs install underground and above ground barriers on their property to help prevent burrowing animals from entering their yards.  

The City of Dublin does not provide assistance with vector control other than informational resources. To help prevent squirrel infestation consider the following strategies :

  1. Remove food sources: Squirrels are attracted to food, so removing any potential food sources can help discourage them from visiting your yard. This can include bird feeders, fallen fruit from trees, and any other food scraps that might be left outside.
  2. Use squirrel-proof feeders: If you still want to feed birds in your backyard, you can try using squirrel-proof bird feeders. These feeders are designed to prevent squirrels from accessing the food inside, either by using weight-activated mechanisms or by having squirrel-proof baffles.
  3. Install physical barriers: If you have trees or other structures that squirrels are using to access your yard, you can try installing physical barriers to block their access. For example, you can use mesh netting or metal collars to prevent squirrels from climbing trees, or you can install squirrel guard or other metal fencing between your existing fence and the ground to keep them out.
  4. Use repellents: There are several natural and chemical repellents available that can help keep squirrels away, including mothballs, hot pepper spray, and predator urine.

Homeowner Associations

Homeowner associations experiencing issues on private property are encouraged to contact Daniel Wilson with Vector Control Services District Community Relations by calling (510) 567-6800.

Parks and Other City Property

Carcasses found on City property should be reported to the Department of Public Works, Maintenance Division, at (925) 833-6630. The City is actively removing carcasses found on City property and will continue to remove carcasses reported by residents  including open space areas which are controlled by the City.

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