Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping Schedule

The City of Dublin provides street sweeping on residential and commercial streets two times per month. Residential areas are usually swept between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., although the schedule may run later if the sweeper encounters a problem or if the amount of debris is unusually heavy.  Please help keep our streets clean by moving vehicles and trash bins off the street on designated street sweeping days.  

Street Sweeping Services

The City contracts for street sweeping services. Services occur on the following schedule:
  • Area 1A - 1st and 3rd Monday
  • Area 2A - 2nd and 4th Monday
  • Area B - 2nd and 4th Tuesday
  • Area C - 2nd and 4th Wednesday
  • Area D - 2nd and 4th Thursday
  • Area E - 2nd and 4th Friday
  • Area F - 1st and 3rd Tuesday
Find what zone you are in by checking the street sweeping map or our interactive GIS Map.

Added Community Benefit

In addition to improving the appearance of our City, street sweeping helps to remove dirt and debris from the street that would otherwise be washed into the City's storm drain system, and ultimately pollute our streams and San Francisco Bay.


The cost of street sweeping and public storm drain cleaning, which was charged directly to property owners for several years, is now paid from the City's general fund. Street sweeping is an important part of the federally mandated Clean Water Program.

Contact Us

The City of Dublin appreciates your comments regarding its services. For more information regarding street sweeping or the Clean Water Program, please call Public Works at (925) 833-6630.