Assessment Districts

Assessment Districts 

There are several different types of assessment districts in the City of Dublin, including:

  • EMS Fees
  • Landscaping and Lighting Assessment Districts
  • Refuse Collection Assessment Districts
  • Street Lighting Assessment Districts

The Landscaping and Lighting Assessment Districts are only assessed on properties within the physical boundaries of the respective districts. Other districts, such as the Refuse Collection and Street Lighting districts, are assessed on every property in the City of Dublin.

Covering the Costs

Assessments occur annually and are collected on the property tax bill. In order to maximize transparency, the funds received for each district are maintained separately from the General Fund. Additionally, the City may spend the funds received for a specific assessment district only on costs for the district in question. In accordance with Proposition 218, a fund balance no greater than 50% of the annual assessment is maintained for each district. The fund balance is kept in order to cover unexpected expenses. 

Annual Engineer's Reports:

Final Reports 2023-2024:

The following are the Final Engineer Reports for the Assessment Districts:

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the assessment districts in which your property is located, please contact the Public Works Department at 925-833-6630.