Bike Education & Safety

Bike Education & Safety

Bicycling is fun and healthy way to enjoy the sights of Dublin. Before venturing out on bike, however, it is important for cyclists to learn how to bicycle safely. There are several steps cyclists can take to help avoid injuries - in some situations it is required by law. Make sure that you are "road ready" by exploring the general bike safety and education resources below.

Bike Workshops

Check back soon for details on upcoming bike workshops!

Bike Safety

Public Transit With Your Bike

Keep your bike safe!

Adults and children riding bikes down a residential street for the Community Bike Ride May 2013

Bicycling Resources in the Tri-Valley Area

Transportation Tax Dollars

Your transportation tax dollars supports a study involving the development of Dublin's Citywide Bicycle Master Plan. The study evaluates existing bicycle conditions within the City boundaries and incorporates an integrated plan, including access to parks and open space areas. The Bicycle Master Plan is a tool that assists with the implementation of bikeway and pedestrian improvements throughout the City.

For More Information

For more information on your transportation tax dollars support, please visit Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC).