Senate Bill 1 (SB 1) Funding

What SB 1 Funding Means for California's Roadways

  • On April 28, 2017, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 1 into law.  The $5.24 billion/year funding package generates new revenues from various taxes and fees and is designed to repair and maintain our state highways and local roads, improve our trade corridors, and support public transit and active transportation.  
  • Californians currently pay an average of $762 per year in additional vehicle repair costs because of the poor condition of our roads.
  • California’s roadways wear significantly due to high traffic, lots of heavy freight, weather, and aging, so the focus of SB 1 is on the maintenance and rehabilitation of the existing system that will provide Californians with a transportation system that is safe, sustainable, and efficient.
  • SB 1 includes competitive funding for congested road and highway segments and trade corridors, and provides $100 million annually for the Active Transportation Program, which encourages active modes of transportation like biking and walking.
  • The investment in the State's infrastructure means safer roads for California drivers and tens of thousands of good paying jobs fixing our roads.

Local Streets and Roads Funding: Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account (RMRA)

  • At full implementation of SB 1 in 2020, cities and counties are slated to receive $1.5 billion annually from SB 1, enabling localities to address significant maintenance, rehabilitation, and safety needs on the local street and road systems. Caltrans will also receive $1.5 billion to repair freeways statewide.  
  • The City of Dublin is expected to receive $10 million over a 10-year period.  The City has identified the following projects for Fiscal Year 2018-19, using RMRA funding:
  1. Annual Street Resurfacing (CIP No. ST0117)
    The project provides for a variety of pavement surface treatments and repairs to existing City streets. The project is budgeted annually to help maintain the significant investment the City has in the street system. Project locations vary from year to year based upon the City’s Pavement Management Program.
    RMRA Funding: $130,716
  2. Dublin Boulevard Extension (CIP Project ST0216)
    The project provides for the design and construction of the 1.5-mile extension of Dublin Boulevard from Fallon Road to North Canyons Parkway in Livermore.
    RMRA Funding: $300,000
  3. Dublin Boulevard Improvements - Sierra Court to Dublin Court (CIP No. ST1012)
    This project provides for the design and construction to widen Dublin Boulevard from Sierra Court to Dublin Court. Project completed.
    RMRA Funding: $500,000
  4. Iron Horse Trail Bridge at Dublin Boulevard (CIP No. ST0118)
    This project provides for the design and environmental review of an Iron Horse Trail bridge for bicycles and pedestrians over Dublin Boulevard.
    RMRA Funding: $200,000
  5. Tassajara Road Realignment and Widening (CIP No. ST0116)
    This project provides for the planning and preliminary engineering to define a new roadway alignment, design cross-section, right-of-way, and environmental clearance for Tassajara Road between North Dublin Ranch Drive and the City/Contra Costa County limit. The project also provides for the design and construction of a realigned Tassajara Road from Fallon Drive to the northern City limit.
    RMRA Funding: $100,000
  • SB 1 includes accountability and transparency measures.  Cities and counties are expected to publicly adopt project lists at the start of every fiscal year and provide year-end reporting on completed projects.
  • Other accountability provisions ensure these funds go only for transportation improvements. The money cannot be diverted for non-transportation purposes.
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