Measure B/BB and VRF Funding

In November 2014, Alameda County voters approved Measure BB, which renewed the half-cent transportation sales tax approved in 2000 (Measure B), and increased the tax by a half cent to fund Alameda County Transportation Committee's (ACTC) 2014 Transportation Expenditure Plan. The Plan will:

  • Expand BART, bus, and commuter rail for reliable, safe, and fast services, including BART expansion and improvements within Alameda County, bus service expansion, and commuter rail service improvements.
  • Keep fares affordable for seniors, youth, and people with disabilities, including affordable senior shuttles, vans, and services that help keep seniors independent; and critical funding for student transit passes to ensure youth can get to school affordably. It also funds reliable and inexpensive transportation for people with disabilities.
  • Provide traffic relief, including funds to every city in the County to repave streets, fill potholes, and upgrade local transportation infrastructure. It also invests in aging highway corridors to upgrade on and off ramps, using modern technology to manage traffic and improve safety.
  • Improve air quality and provide clean transportation by reducing pollution using innovative technology and expanding bike and pedestrian paths, and BART, bus and commuter rail expansion, and operations.
  • Create good jobs within Alameda County by requiring local contracting that supports residents and businesses in Alameda County.

The City of Dublin will utilize Measure BB funds to continue the annual street pavement maintenance program as well future traffic safety improvement projects. This funding will also be used for new bicycle and pedestrian safety projects, including bike lane striping and other improvements as called for in the City's Bikeways Master Plan.  Additionally, funds will contribute to educational outreach programs to improve walking and bicycling to and from schools.

Vehicle Registration Fee (VRF) is a $10 per year vehicle registration fee utilized to sustain the County of Alameda's transportation network and reduce traffic congestion and vehicle related pollution.  The City of Dublin's portion of this revenue funds traffic signal and traffic safety lighting throughout the community to improve safety and reduce congestion.

To learn more about the accountability and performance measures included in Measure B/BB and VRF, please visit ACTC's website or call the Public Works Department at (925) 833-6630