Development Review

Development Review 

Engineering review of private development includes the following activities:

  • Review of subdivision or final maps or parcel maps and improvement plans for conformance with the Subdivision Map Act and all applicable codes and City standards
  • Review of geotechnical studies
  • Review of hydrologic and hydraulic studies, calculations, and stormwater requirements
  • Review of joint utility trench plans
  • Review of trash enclosures and solid waste requirements
  • Preparation of conditions of approval
  • Review of signal, lighting, and landscaping construction plans
  • Review of traffic studies
  • Review of field conditions and changes
  • Review source controls for fire sprinkler test water
  • Lot line changes - Contact the Community Development Department, Planning Division, and complete the proper Planning Application to begin the application process for a Lot Line Adjustment
  • Construction inspections
  • Survey monument checks
  • Other activities as needed

Department Responsibilities

The Public Works Department is responsible for ensuring that the public improvements constructed as part of a private development project meet all City standards and conditions of approval prior to acceptance of the improvements. 

Contact Us

For questions regarding private development review; submittal requirements; standard details and specifications; or traffic studies and information, please contact the Engineering Division of Public Works at 925-833-6630.

Submittal Requirements - Forms and Checklists