Transportation Demand Management

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) is a program of information, encouragement, and incentives that helps reduce the demand of single occupancy vehicles. There are many different transportation options available in Dublin that can help you avoid driving, live a healthier lifestyle, improve the environment, and save you money.

Guaranteed Ride Home

The Alameda County Transportation Commission operates the Guaranteed Ride Home Program for employers in the County with 100 or more employees who rideshare, take public transit, bike or walk to work and need a ride due to an emergency. To be eligible for the program you must register:

Bike to Work


If you live close to your workplace, public transportation, or even the store,  consider walking instead of driving your automobile.  Walking costs nothing, creates no pollution, and requires no fuel.  It’s also an excellent way to exercise and connect with your community.


Biking is an effective, fun, and healthy way to commute or run errands.