Common Types of Violations

Some of the most common types of conditions and Code violations that are investigated include: 

  • Building: Unpermitted construction in progress, unpermitted electrical, plumbing, or mechanical work.
  • Graffiti: Located on private or public property.
  • Housing: Lack of heat, plumbing, smoke detectors, or weather proofing.
  • Illegal Occupancy: People living in sheds, unpermitted converted garages, or illegal additions.
  • Property Maintenance: Storage of junk, trash, debris, overgrown vegetation, dead vegetation, weeds, or hazardous trees.
  • Public Nuisances: Unsecured swimming pools, buildings, construction sites, attractive nuisances, dilapidated fences, or broken windows.
  • Signs: A-frame signs, off-site advertising signs, open-house signs, political signs, human held signs, or illegal temporary banner signs and balloons.
  • Vehicles: Inoperable vehicles and recreational vehicles illegally parked on private property.
  • Zoning: Lack of a use permit or non-compliance with the Conditions of Approval for a use permit, home occupations, auto repair, fences, heritage trees, accessory structures, or setback violations.

Other Types of Violations & Who to Contact
View a list of other conditions or violations that are commonly investigated and enforced by other City departments or outside public agencies.

Emergency Situations
For emergency situations that threaten life or property, and demands immediate attention, please call 9-1-1.
For More Information
Please check out our frequently asked questions section for commonly asked Code Enforcement questions.  Should you need further information, please call Code Enforcement at (925) 833-6610 or submit a question or report a Code violation.