Common Complaints & Who To Contact

For information on the following subjects, please contact the appropriate agency as listed below.

Type of Complaint Department Phone Number
Animal Control (Dog Problems) Alameda County Animal Control 925-667-7763
Animal Rescue (Stray / Unwanted) Tri-Valley Animal Rescue in Dublin 925-803-7043
Graffiti Code Enforcement 925-833-6610
Illegal Banners or Signs Code Enforcement 925-833-6610
Off-Street Vehicle Violations Code Enforcement 925-833-6610
On-Street Abandoned or Illegally Parked Vehicles (RVs, Boats) Police Services 925-833-6670
Rats, Vermin, or Other Pest-Control Issues Alameda County Vector Control 925-567-6800
Vehicles Parked on Private Property Code Enforcement 925-833-6610
Weed Abatement - Private Property Fire Prevention Bureau 925-833-6606
Weed Abatement - Public Right-of-Way Public Works Department 925-833-6630

For More Information

Please check out our frequently asked questions section for commonly asked Code Enforcement questions. Should you need further information, please call Code Enforcement at 925-833-6610 or submit a question or report a violation.