Below Market Rate Program

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The intent of the City’s Inclusionary Zoning Regulations Ordinance is to increase affordable housing opportunities in Dublin and ensure that homes remain affordable over time. The Ordinance is Chapter 8.68 of the City’s Municipal Code.

The Guidelines to the Inclusionary Zoning Regulations Ordinance provide detail regarding the interpretation and administration of the Ordinance. The guidelines are intended to:

  • Provide households interested in renting or purchasing a BMR home with an overview of eligibility requirements, the application and screening process, restrictions on BMR homes, and the procedures for reselling a BMR home.
  • Assist developers early in the development process so that residential development projects are designed in compliance with the requirements of the Ordinance.
  • Inform developers, management firms, and owners of BMR secondary units of the procedures for selling and renting BMR units and secondary units.


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