Selling Your BMR Home

BMR homeowners are welcome to sell their homes whenever they choose. To ensure that the home is sold to a qualified household at the appropriate affordable price, BMR homeowners must work with the City throughout the course of the sale. Additional information regarding the resale process can be found in Section 4.7 of the Guidelines to the Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance Regulations.

BMR Home Resale Process

  1. Notify the City - BMR homeowners must complete a notice of intent to transfer form through the Home Ownership Portal.
  2. City Review - The City will review your notice of intent to transfer. The City will determine whether or not it would like to exercise its option to purchase your home (a standard provision of BMR contracts). In addition, the City will calculate the restricted resale price of your home. This is based on increases to the area median income as well as any improvements you have made to your home that have been approved for credit (see Improving Your BMR Home page for additional information).
  3. City Letter and Package - Within 30 days of receiving your notice of intent to transfer, the City will provide you with a letter stating the maximum restricted resale price (the maximum amount for which you can market and sell your home). In addition, the City will provide you with a seller’s package that includes a resale checklist and application materials for potential buyers. We encourage you to share the letter and accompanying materials with your real estate agent.
  4. Market Your Home - You and/or your agent must advertise your home on the local multiple listings service and on the City’s website, hold at least two open houses, and set an offer date. See other marketing requirements in the Good Faith Marketing Efforts Info sheet.
  5. Receive Offers - You/your agent should instruct interested buyers to submit a formal offer to you/your agent. When an offer is accepted, provide a copy of the ratified purchase contract, escrow information, and the buyers completed BMR application packet to the City of Dublin Housing Division. If no offers are received after the initial marketing period and offer date, you may accept offers and the City will review applications as they come.
  6. Buyer Qualification - The City will work with the buyer to collect a complete application. The City will notify you/your agent in writing within 10 days of receiving a complete application whether or not the potential buyer is approved. 
  7. City Issues Escrow Instructions The City will prepare instructions for the escrow officer describing the information and documentation the City will need in order to produce its forms and approve the closing of the sale.
  8. City Receives Required Documents and Prepares for Close of Escrow - The escrow officer will provide the required documents to the City as they become available. Once all documents are received, the City will prepare its agreements and forms and submit them to be signed by the buyer at closing.

For More Information

Please check out our frequently asked questions section for commonly asked housing questions. For more information, please call the Housing Division at 925-833-6610 or submit a question or comment.