Parking Lot Pavement Repair and Restriping

Permit Requirements

Permits are required for parking lot pavement repair, resealing, and restriping.  Alterations to ramps, path of travel, handrails, etc., require a permit.  For more information, please consult the Parking Lot Pavement Repair & Restriping Handouts.

Required Submittal Documents

A Parking Lot Pavement Repair & Restriping Application Form is required.  In addition, the following documents (at minimum) are required:

Please consult the permit submittal checklist for additional details and other possible required submittal documents. 

Submittal Method

Submittals must be completed electronically through  Please see the following instructions: 

Additional Information

For fees, please refer to the City of Dublin's Master Fee Schedule.

For an example of striping detail, please see Typical Parking Striping Detail.

For additional requirements, please see Chapter 8.76 of the Dublin Municipal Code. 

For further information regarding ADA compliance standards, please consult the following documents: