Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

Crime Free Multi-Housing

Through Dublin Police Services, property managers can participate in a free education and certification program. This is a three-phase program that has been developed in an effort to reduce crime, enhance rental properties, and increase property values throughout the city.

Why Should My Property Participate In This Program?

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program was successfully developed at the Mesa, Arizona, Police Department in 1992, and has since spread throughout the United States and Canada. The program has been implemented in over 40 U.S. States, four
Canadian Provinces, and over 1,400 cities, including cities in Japan, Finland, and Puerto Rico. These property managers will reap the benefits of reduced crime, better community awareness, increased property values, more attractive neighborhoods, advertisement of participation, and improved quality of life.

How Do We Get Involved?

Getting involved in the City’s Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is simple. There are no requirements other than the desire to establish or maintain a “Crime Free” environment. The three phases of the program do not have to be completed in consecutive order; however, we do recommend attendance at the Phase I training class first, as this class outlines all three phases of the program. Once the apartment community is fully certified, you will receive the “Crime Free” signs and your final certification certificate.

What are the Benefits of Crime Free Multi-Housing?

Management Benefits

  • A stable, satisfied resident base
  • Increased demand for rental units
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Improved personal safety
  • Increased property value

Resident Benefits

  • Safer, more secure environment
  • Improved personal safety for renters
  • Confidence knowing building meets minimum security requirements
  • Improved quality of life

Law Enforcement Benefits

  • Proven Crime Prevention methods
  • Confirmed drop in calls for service
  • Improved quality of life for the community at large
  • Teaches managers and residents to work with police

Crime Free Multi-Housing Brochures