Peddler Permits

Commercial / Charitable Peddler & Solicitor Regulations

Dublin Municipal Code 4.16 Peddlers and Solicitors adopted upon the City's incorporation in 1982 was identified as an element for review in the City Council's comprehensive update to the Dublin Municipal Code.

Effective April 2007, the Peddlers and Solicitors Ordinance (DMC 4.16) has been modified to clarify regulations regarding commercial activities and a new chapter, Charitable Solicitation and Sales (DMC 4.18), has been added to encourage charitable solicitation and sales throughout the City. The new ordinances have also streamlined the application process for obtaining permits.

Details & Applications

These links provide further information about the two ordinances. Additionally, applications for commercial and charitable solicitation and sales can be printed from the following links for completion and submission to Dublin Police Services for review and processing.
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If you have additional questions about these ordinances, please contact Dublin Police Services at 925-833-6670.