Police Chief's Advisory Panel

Police Chief's Advisory Panel

Purpose and Scope

The Police Chief's Advisory Panel (CAP) serves the Chief of Police as an advisory resources that provides feedback to the Chief on ways to enhance police-community relations. This body is a direct result of the City's Community Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion which sought to establish greater two-way communication between Dublin Police Services and a variety of community members.

The CAP will meet quarterly in the mornings at the Dublin Public Safety Complex (6361 Clark Avenue). Meetings will be topic-specific, covering a range of policies, programs, and concepts including, but not limited to, mental health, homelessness, technology, use of force, staffing, and recruitment. 

The CAP will have no power or authority to investigate, review, or otherwise participate in matters involving specific police personnel or police-related incidents. They will not review complaints initiated against personnel of Dublin Police Services, nor play any role in any civil or criminal litigation.  


The CAP is a voluntary advisory panel and is not an official City legislative body. The CAP is not subject to Brown Act regulations and meetings will not be open to the public. 


The CAP will consist of up to 12 members, appointed by the Police Chief. Members serve at the discretion of the Police Chief.  

Members must either live or work in Dublin or own a Dublin business. Membership should reflect the demographic diversity of Dublin (i.e., gender, race, age, sexual orientation, etc.) and include representation from business owners, students (16 years and older), senior citizens, and faith-based organizations. The CAP should include a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.  


Members will serve a two-year term, with half of the inaugural panel serving a three-year term to ensure a rotating membership. Members may not serve consecutive terms.  


Members must attend all meetings. Members will be removed from the Panel following their second absence.  


All members will be subject to a criminal history background investigation prior to appointment. Members cannot have any open litigation or claims against the City of Dublin or the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. 

Selection Process

Potential CAP members will be identified through an application process, which will take place in the fall of each year, for terms starting the following January. The City Manager and Police Chief will review applications prior to the Chief making final appointments.  

The application period has closed.

Member Expectations

To ensure the CAP remains an effective body, members will be expected to:  

  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings 
  • Engage in honest, respectful, and productive dialogue 
  • Maintain the confidentiality of information that is designated as confidential and is discussed or disclosed during CAP meetings.  
  • Participate in meetings in good faith, representing the Dublin community rather than individual agendas. 
  • Partner in DPS community events, such as National Night Out and other community engagement opportunities.