Property Manager Waste and Recycling Toolkit

This formal letter should be sent to each tenant to inform them of SB 1383 requirements as well as the sorting rules and ways to set up indoor bins.

This template rental lease clause agreement for SB 1383 outlines the tenants’ responsibilities under SB 1383 and should be included in the rental lease agreement packet to new tenants.  

This template letter can be used to explain SB 1383/Organics Reduction and Recycling Ordinance requirements to tenants and should be sent out annually and no later than 14 days after move-in and at least 14 days prior to move-out.

This flyer should be posted in common areas to let tenants know of new compost services.

Apartment How-To Guide for Waste Sorting and Disposal

This tri-fold brochure informs residents on how to sort correctly and has information for hazardous waste disposal. This brochure can also be shared during annual education as required by SB 1383.

Dublin Multifamily Resident Training Presentation

This PowerPoint waste sorting presentation can be shared with tenants along with the annual notification and provides a refresher on what materials go where.

Compost Pail Delivery Materials

Compost Pail Request Form for Tenants

Form for tenants to fill out to request indoor compost bins.

Missed You! Slip for Tenants

Slip to put on tenant’s door letting them know there are free indoor food scrap bins available for pickup.

Compost Pail Slip

Slip of paper to put in indoor food scrap bins that instructs tenants on how to use it.