Vicious Dogs

Reporting a Vicious Dog
If you have reason to believe that an animal poses an immediate risk to persons or property, please contact Animal Control dispatch at 510-667-7763 or dial 911.

Determining Whether a Dog is Vicious
When there is evidence that a dog has displayed vicious behavior, such as biting or destroying property, the City's hearing officer is empowered to hold a hearing to evaluate the evidence and to prescribe corrective action.

Oral and documentary evidence may be taken from any interested person and will be considered in determining whether the dog is vicious. Any dog found to be vicious is then deemed to be a public nuisance.

Resulting Actions by the City
The City's hearing officer may order a vicious dog to be humanely destroyed or removed from the area. The officer may also order the nuisance to be abated by fencing, leashing, or other actions.