Discretionary Grant Program


Each year, non-profit organizations provide programming, services, and other valuable contributions that help make Dublin a great place to live, work, and raise a family.  In understanding the important part these organizations play in the Dublin community, the City Council has created the City of Dublin’s Discretionary Grant Program.  This program is designed to help assist local non-profit organizations in providing community benefits which serve all Dublin residents.

The City Council has made an annual appropriation of $15,000 to support this program.

The City will accept grant applications on a rolling basis beginning on July 1 of each year. Fifty-percent of total annual funding will be available from July 1 through December 31 (Period 1) with the remaining 50% of funding available from January 1 through June 30 (Period 2). 

Dublin-based non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply; however, not every application will receive funding.

Program Overview and Guidelines

A copy of this program’s guidelines can be found here.

Under this program, eligible organizations will have the option to apply for two types of grants: Block Grants and Matching Grants. Only one type of grant may be awarded per event or program each year.

Block Grants

  • Maximum Grant Award: $500
  • Period 1 Available Funding: $2,500 | Period 2 Available Funding: $2,500

Block Grants do not require any match on the part of the applicant. The City will provide funding up to $500 per application.  

Matching Grants

  • Maximum Grant Award: $2,000
  • Period 1 Available Funding: $5,000 | Period 2 Available Funding: $5,000

Matching Grants require that applicants provide 50% of the total grant award in matching funds. For example, if an organization is requesting $1,000 in City funding, they will need to provide evidence that they have $500 to contribute as a match. The City will provide funding up to $2,000 per application. Block grant funding cannot be used as match funding.  

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for funding through this program, each applying organization must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Must be located within the City of Dublin or serve Dublin residents.
  • Must be a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization or a group associated with a Dublin school.
  • Must not be financially dependent upon funding to meet the organization’s annual budget or operational requirements.
  • Must directly provide the services or programming for which the grant funds are requested.

The funding this program provides must be used for a public purpose or benefit. Funded activities must be open and accessible to all members of the public regardless of race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation. 

Funding used from this program may not:

  • Promote or support political, religious, commercial, or other private activities.
  • Fund educational scholarships or other monetary awards.
  • Fund the purchase of meals, alcohol, travel, or lodging accommodations.
  • Fund capital purchases or fund-raising activities.
  • Fund any non-public purpose activities as determined by the City Manager or their designee.

Application and Approval Process

Application Submission Requirements

The City will accept applications on a rolling basis beginning on July 1 of each year until all funding has been awarded for each period.

Applications shall include the following information:

  • Name, address, and contact information of the organization.
  • Description of the programs, services, and other activities the grant will fund. This information must clearly demonstrate how the activities will provide a public purpose or benefit to Dublin residents and how many residents will benefit from the activities.
  • Type of grant and amount of funding requested, and evidence of matching funds (if required).
  • Proposed budget for the planned activities.
  • Organizational information including:
    • Detailed operating budget for the current fiscal year.
    • Proof of 501(c)3 status or Dublin school association.
    • List of current board of directors or governing body.
    • Disclosure of affiliations with City Council, other local governing board members, or City staff members.

Submittal Process

Please submit your complete application via email to John.Stefanski@dublin.ca.gov with the subject, “Discretionary Grant Application,” and your organization’s name.

Application Evaluation

Applications will be evaluated on the following basis:

  • Documentation satisfying all eligibility requirements.
  • Completeness of application.
  • Overall impact of the planned activities on the Dublin community (e.g., anticipated number of residents served).
  • Demonstrated history serving the Dublin community.
  • Any other criteria determined by the City Manager or their designee.

Approval Process

Applications will be evaluated and awarded on a first come, first served basis for each period by the City Manager.  Approved organizations will be required to enter into a Funding Agreement with the City and provide proof of insurance coverage (if applicable).  All funds must be expended prior to June 30 of each year.

Please note: Applications from organizations with an affiliation to any City Council, local governing board member, or City staff member shall be subject to approval by majority of the City Council. 

Reporting Requirements

Within thirty (30) days from the completion of the funded activities, each organization shall provide to the City a report on the outcomes from the funded activities.  Specifically, this shall provide:

  • A summary of completed activities including a narrative of how the activities provided a public purpose benefiting Dublin residents; photos or other supporting materials; and other relevant measurable outcomes. 
  • Backup documentation and description for all expended funds, including invoices and receipts.

The City reserves the right to request additional information showing how grant funds were utilized.  If funds were not expended in accordance with the approved purpose in the application, the organization will be required to refund the granted funds and will be prohibited from applying for City funding for a period of twelve (12) months.

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