Vehicle Releases

An individual may begin the process of obtaining a vehicle release the same day that a vehicle has been towed, except in instances when a vehicle has been placed on a 30-day hold by the citation officer.

Vehicle Retrieval

In order to retrieve a vehicle after it’s been towed, the registered owner must come to Dublin Police Services Business Office in person to retrieve the vehicle release form and to pay the release fee to the City of Dublin ($100.00).

During business hours, the registered owner may visit the Dublin Police Services Business Office to obtain the form and to pay the fee.  Cash, checks, and credit cards are acceptable forms of payment.  After 4:30 p.m., after business hours and during weekends or City holidays, only exact change (in cash) will be accepted.  The registered owner may use the call box located immediately outside Dublin Police Services.  This connects directly to the Dispatch Line, which will send an officer to assist the registered owner in obtaining the vehicle release form.  

Required Items

A vehicle release will only be granted to the registered owner. The registered owner must bring the following:
  • Up-to-date registration on the vehicle (this can be verified at Dublin Police Services);
  • A valid California State Driver’s license; or
  • A Photo ID (e.g., Costco card, credit card with photo ID on the card, etc.) to verify the registered owner’s identity. The registered owner must be accompanied by someone who has a valid California State Driver’s license on their person.
After the registered owner obtains the vehicle release form, they may proceed to the tow yard. Tow fees must also be resolved at the tow yard before the vehicle may be retrieved.