Vehicle Abatement

Vehicle Abatement in the City of Dublin includes the removal of abandoned vehicles from City streets. The City's code enforcement officer responds to requests to remove abandoned vehicles from private property. If you believe that a vehicle is abandoned and should be removed from City streets, contact the Vehicle Abatement Hotline at 925-452-2121. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Location of the vehicle
  • Type and color of the vehicle
  • License plate number

Marked Abandoned

Within a few days of receiving an abandoned vehicle tip, an officer will mark the vehicle as abandoned with an orange warning sticker. Seventy-two hours after the vehicle is marked as abandoned, the officer will return to determine if the vehicle has been moved.  If the vehicle has not been moved, the vehicle will be towed.

Towing Companies

The City maintains a rotating list of multiple local towing companies; if you would like to apply for your towing company to be added to the rotating list, please contact the Traffic Sergeant via the Dublin Police Services Business Office.

Retrieving Towed Vehicle

If your vehicle has been towed and you would like to retrieve it, please visit the Vehicle Releases page for further assistance.