Mission & Vision 

Ensuring the Prosperity & Well-Being of Our Community

The City Council adopted Dublin's Mission and Vision statements as part of the City's Strategic Plan. These statements are intended to serve as guidance for the City Council and commissions in their deliberations on various proposals presented to them, and to ensure that our developing community remains happy, healthy, and well-balanced. These statements were updated and modified in 2018.

Our Mission

The City of Dublin promotes and supports a high quality of life, ensures a safe and secure environment, and fosters new opportunities.

Our Vision

Dublin is a great community to live, work, and raise a family. Dublin Values:

  • Safety - We are dedicated to excellent public safety resources, including police and fire.
  • Finances - We will strive to be fiscally transparent and balance our budgets annually.
  • Multi-Cultural Opportunities - We will meet the cultural needs of our community through programming, understanding, and events.
  • Innovation - We will continue to innovate in every aspect of government and promote innovation within the business community.
  • Customer Service - We will provide excellent customer service to our residents and businesses at all times.
  • Living an Active Lifestyle - We will continuously promote an active lifestyle through our parks and facilities and encourage participation in local sports.
  • History - We will honor our history through places and programs that remind people of our beginnings.
  • Business - We will support our businesses through ongoing economic development efforts and help them grow and thrive locally.
  • Environmental Sustainability - We will continue to lead in building a sustainable community and protecting our natural resources.


As part of the Dublin's long-term strategic planning process, the 
City Council developed a list of strategies which would provide a focused framework for the City's allocation of resources over the next two years (updated in 2018):

  1. Assure the City's long-term financial sustainability.
  2. Enhance the City's engagement efforts to better connect and inform residents of City activities and public safety matters.
  3. Pursue efforts to help strengthen the City's infrastructure and technology.
  4. Focus efforts on ways to strengthen the City's economic vitality, including the Downtown, through public investment and economic development.