Large Item Collection

Amador Valley Industries (AVI) offers large item collection service for Dublin residents. 

Single Family Residents

AVI offers three free collections per year to collect items which do not belong in the garbage, recycling or food scrap carts. These are limited to seven cubic yards, and small items must be bagged or boxed.

Multi-Family Residents

AVI provides Bulky Item Pick Up for Multi-Family properties in Dublin. If you are a resident of a multi-family complex, please contact your property manager to schedule a pickup with AVI or refer to your property manager for any questions related to specific collection areas for your complex.

Acceptable Items

  • Furniture, Carpets, Mattresses
  • Tires – Up to four (4) car tires (without rims)
  • White Goods – Refrigerators, freezers (doors must be removed), water heaters or other similar household appliances
  • Brown Goods – Electronic equipment such as stereos, VCR’s, personal digital assistants (PDAs), telephones, and other similar items
  • E-Waste – Electronic equipment such as cell phones, computers, monitors, televisions, and other items containing cathode ray tubes (CRTs)

Not Accepted

  • Dirt, rocks, concrete, and hazardous material
  • Items over 60 pounds, except furniture and appliances

For a complete list of acceptable items and rules which residents must follow, please consult AVI's website.