Become an All-Electric Home

Improve indoor air quality, reduce your climate impact, and save on costs by decarbonizing your energy and eliminating natural gas (and gasoline) all together. Efficient electric technologies for heating, hot water, and cooking allow you to take advantage of renewable energy generated on site and by Ava Community Energy (formerly East Bay Community Energy) to reduce dependence on fossil resources that contribute to global warming. 

Here are some ways that you can electrify your home: 

  • Upgrade your electric panel: talk to your electrician about including enough capacity in the panel to make the switch from gas to electric in the future. 
  • Get a clean energy vehicle and install a home charger: check out these financing and rebate opportunities for clean vehicles.
  • Electrify your cooking: Try an induction stove, with controls as responsive as natural gas.
  • Chose an alternative to a gas clothes dryer: For the most efficient dryer to meet your needs, visit Energy Star.
  • Electrify your space heating: You can easily convert your gas furnace to a heat-pump heating system. 
  • Get a heat pump water heater: These electric units are highly efficient and can save households significant money on energy costs. Read more about how they work here and use this Energy Star Buying Guide to learn more about your options. 

Are you planning a home energy efficiency upgrade? Do you have your eye on that hot, new electric vehicle? It can be exhausting and confusing to wade through all the potential incentives out there! Ava Community Energy (formerly East Bay Community Energy) just launched a new incentive finder to help you navigate the process. Find your eligible incentives here:

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