Climate Action Plan

The City of Dublin adopted its 
Climate Action Plan 2030 and Beyond (CAP 2030), the next phase in a long history of successful climate action planning and implementation. CAP 2030 will take Dublin into the future by addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change. 

City of Dublin Climate Action Plan 2030 and Beyond text displayed over treelined neighborhood.

CAP Strategies Include:

1. 100% Renewable and Carbon-Free Electricity

2. Building Efficiency and Electrification

3. Sustainable Mobility and Land Use

4. Materials and Waste Management

5. Municipal Leadership Measures

The role of CAP 2030 is about more than just reducing negative effects on the environment; it's about making holistic improvements to Dublin's community and way of life.  The City's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions also means that, as the actions in this plan are adopted, the Dublin community will benefit from cleaner air, more versatile and flexible transportation, new opportunities for economic growth, reductions in localized flooding risks, and greater energy independence from fossil fuels.

Achieving carbon neutrality will be a community-wide effort. Read the Frequently Asked Questions and/or sign up here to receive notifications to find out how you can help with the effort.