K-9 Program

Why Are K-9 Units Used?

The K-9 program, started by Dublin Police Services in 2005, incorporates the use of specially-trained police dogs to aid in patrols and investigations. The police dogs can search larger areas in a much faster time frame than police officers; their keen sense of smell allows them to locate individuals who are well-hidden and makes them useful for drug detection.

How Are the Police Dogs Trained?

Both police dogs and their handlers receive training in a basic handlers class, then are cross-trained in the detection of narcotics. They also receive maintenance training approximately twice a month. The City of Dublin K-9 Unit contains police dogs and handlers with certifications from:
  • Bob Eden Police Canine Conference
  • North American Police Work Dog Association - the only certified NAPWDA police dog and handler in Northern California
  • Oregon Police Canine Association
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How Are the Police Dogs Cared For?

Each police dog has a dedicated handler who cares for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The dog joins the officer for work each day. Each dog serves on the K-9 unit for a minimum of four years.  After retirement, a police dog remains with its handler and the handler's family as a companion.

What Is the Typical Workday for a Police Dog?

A typical workday for a police dog might include responding to potential alarm, search, or breaking-and-entering calls, as well as any violent crime calls where the police dogs' abilities may be in need of use.  Police dogs and their handlers also take part in Dublin's Citizen and Youth Academies, in addition to giving presentations on the K-9 Unit's Activities at local educational facilities and for community groups.

If you would like to schedule a presentation by the K-9 Unit, please contact Crime Prevention.