City Activities

In June 2019, City Council approved the Green Stormwater Infrastructure Plan for the City of Dublin. Green stormwater infrastructure is a natural and environmentally sustainable approach to managing stormwater runoff using specially designed landscaped areas, pervious surfaces, and rainwater capture and use. In contrast to the standard approach to stormwater management using concrete pipes and channels to move stormwater quickly away from streets and other impervious surfaces, green stormwater infrastructure allows stormwater to infiltrate into native soils or filter through fast-draining engineered soils removing pollutants in the process.  

Cities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area are developing green stormwater infrastructure plans to show how they will incorporate more green stormwater infrastructure facilities into the built environment over the next 20+ years. Learn more about Dublin’s Green Stormwater Infrastructure Plan.

One way the City of Dublin helps to prevent stormwater pollution is through implementation of its Integrated Pest Management Policy and Standard Operating Procedures. The goal of integrated pest management (IPM) is to use alternatives to pesticides to the extent possible, and when pesticides are required, to use the least toxic option. To find out how you can use IPM at home, visit the Our Water, Our World website.