Downtown Dublin Wi-Fi

The City of Dublin is committed to enhancing the experience and connectivity of residents and visitors to Downtown Dublin.  The City is partnering with SmartWave Technologies to provide “Downtown Dublin Wi-Fi,” a reliable, free, public Wi-Fi network in the Downtown Dublin area.

Using funds from the Downtown Public Improvement Reserve, the Wi-Fi network is accessible between Dublin Boulevard and Amador Valley Boulevard, and Amador Plaza Road to Village Parkway.  Additionally, Wi-Fi coverage will be provided along Golden Gate Drive south of Dublin Boulevard to the I-580 freeway, and from Amador Plaza Road to St. Patrick Way.  In total, the proposed network provides Wi-Fi coverage to approximately 30% of the entire Downtown Dublin area.  While Downtown Dublin Wi-Fi is initially a pilot program, the City expects to expand the coverage area in future years to include additional areas of Downtown Dublin.

The City of Dublin invites you to connect on our Downtown Dublin Wi-Fi, and take a look around our “New American Backyard.”

To connect to the free Downtown Dublin Wi-Fi:

  1. Select the Wi-Fi network named “DowntownDublinWiFi”
  2. Launch a web browser
  3. Click the button to accept the terms and conditions

If you are experiencing connection issues with the Downtown Dublin Wi-Fi, please contact or call City of Dublin IT Support at 925-452-2123.

Downtown Dublin Wi-Fi Terms of Use

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