Development Permits - Stormwater Requirements

Who Regulates Stormwater Pollution?

The Municipal Regional Stormwater NPDES Permit (also known as the MRP), issued by the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board (Water Board), mandates stormwater pollution prevention activities. The MRP requires 70+ municipalities in the Bay Area, including the City of Dublin, to place conditions on development projects to incorporate site design measures, source controls, treatment measures, and, on larger projects, flow duration controls (FDCs). The Water Board reissued the MRP on May 11, 2022 and it went into effect on July 1, 2022. The new MRP includes several significant changes for development projects, including changes to the types and sizes of projects regulated. Tree credits are no longer allowed as they were in the previous permit. The two fact sheets provided below summarize the MRP Provision C.3 changes. More information may be found in the resources provided below or by calling the Public Works Department at (925) 833-6630.
MRP 3 Provision C.3 Changes Factsheet
MRP 3 Provisions C.3 Road & Parking Lot Construction & Maintenance Factsheet

Stormwater Design Submittal Forms

Stormwater Management Maintenance Agreement

A Stormwater Management Maintenance Agreement (O&M Agreement) is required for all projects incorporating stormwater treatment, hydromodification management measures, or trash capture devices. This agreement runs with the land and must be recorded with the Alameda County Recorder's Office. Template documents including instruction may be found below. 

Biotreatment Soil Requirements

The biotreatment soil mix used in all bioretention areas shall comply with the specifications required in the MRP.  If the biotreatment soil mix supplier is included on Alameda Clean Water Program’s “Biotreatment Soil Mix Supplier List," a Biotreatment Soil Mix Supplier Certification Statement shall be completed by the supplier and submitted to the City of Dublin a minimum of 14 days prior to delivery of the material to the job site.  If the biotreatment soil mix supplier is not included on the Supplier List, a Biotreatment Soil Mix Verification Checklist shall be completed by the supplier and submitted to the City of Dublin a minimum of 14 days prior to delivery of the material to the job site.


C.3 Technical Manual - This provides guidance on Low Impact Development (LID) Requirements, numeric sizing calculations, using site design measures, and the hydromodification management (HM) standard.

Guidance for Plant Selection, Spacing, and Irrigation in Stormwater Treatment Facilities – This document includes a list of plants that should thrive in stormwater treatment facilities in Dublin and includes plant spacing and irrigation recommendations for stormwater treatment facilities.

Non-Floating Mulch for Stormwater Treatment Facilities - This document provides specifications and example mulch products that may be used in stormwater treatment facilities. 

Typical Details - Scroll down to stormwater measures section for bioretention area, waste enclosure, and loading dock typical details.  

Fire Sprinkler Test Water - Find design and maintenance source controls for fire sprinkler test water.

Stormwater Management Plan Content - This reference sheet provides a list of all the information that must be submitted in a complete stormwater management plan.

Stormwater Control Plan Checklist - This checklist provides a list of information required in the narrative stormwater control plan.
Full Trash Capture Manufacturers and Maintenance Providers – 
This document lists full trash capture device maintenance providers known to service sites in Dublin. A link to a list of certified full trash capture system trash treatment control devices maintained by the California Stormwater Quality Association is also provided.

 Small Project Low Impact Development Fact Sheets:

Construction Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)