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Ted Fairfield Park


  1. Barbecue Grills
  2. Baseball Diamonds
  3. Basketball Courts
  4. Drinking Fountains
  5. Fields for Rent
  6. Picnic Tables
  7. Play Equipment
  8. Restrooms
  9. Soccer Fields
  10. Volleyball Courts (sand)
  11. Walkways / Trails

Park Features

The Ted Fairfield Park is located at Antone Way and North Dublin Ranch Drive. The park features a large basketball court and picnic area, as well as soccer fields. In addition, the sports fields at Ted Fairfield Park are available for rental. Please view our Sports Fields and Courts page for additional information.  The sports fields are closed for maintenance from December 16 through the end of February annually.



Dogs are permitted on a leash. 

Art Installation

The park also features public art commissioned by the City of Dublin.  "Birdwatch," by artist Johanna Pothig, is a ceramic work celebrating the birds in the area, in a colorful and amusing play on the practice of bird watching. Located on the 200-foot retaining wall across a bridge off of North Dublin Ranch Drive, the sculpture is located at the end of the bridge, where a four-foot scrub jay stands watch over the entrance to the park.