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Murray Schoolhouse

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Schoolhouse History

In 1856 early Dublin settlers built the original Murray School on Flanagan Lane; however, it soon became apparent that the boggy ground was subject to flooding. With horse and oxen, the settlers moved the schoolhouse to Dublin Canyon Road.  Here, the schoolhouse resided for over 100 years...its walls reverberating with the laughter of children.

Eventually the community outgrew the one-room schoolhouse and built new schools. The widening of I-580 and community growth in the 1970s threatened the historic schoolhouse. The building was again on the move - this time moved by modern house movers. The schoolhouse now has a permanent home on the Dublin Heritage Park and Museum grounds.

The Schoolhouse Is Now a Museum

Follow the journey of Dublin settlers - three Irish teenagers who crossed the Atlantic; trail-blazed to California in 1836; built homesteads in Dublin in 1850; and built the Murray Schoolhouse in 1856. The museum allows you to follow their journey and Dublin's story - past and present. This all-new exhibit is perfect for:

  • Enrichment programs
  • Family members of all ages
  • Out-of-town visitors
  • School, youth, and Scout groups

Visit the playhouse, reading lounge, general store, and a variety of interpretive exhibits.