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The Dublin Marketplace Promotion Form

  1. Thank you for participating in the Dublin Marketplace powered by ReachPlaces! This form allows participating merchants to submit promotions that will be featured in the Dublin Marketplace. 

  2. Business Information
  3. You have the option to upload a photo to accompany your promotion - for example, a restaurant offering "taco tuesday" can upload a photo of one of their taco dishes.

    File type: JPG or PNG 

    Ratio: 1:1 

    Resolution: At least 1284 x 1284 pixels

  4. Primary Contact for the Business
  5. Which promotion would you like to offer?*

    Please note that each promotion will require a submission of a separate form to ensure promotional details are clear for each offering. 

  6. 2 lines of text with 50 characters or less in each (including spaces)

  7. Tell us the dates you would like to run the promotion.

  8. Are there any exclusions or special rules we need to include?

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