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Business License Forms

  1. Business License Application: Outside City

    This form serves as an application for a business license from the City of Dublin for businesses located outside of the City of Dublin.

City Manager Office Events

  1. Estimated Disaster Economic Injury Worksheet for Businesses

    This form is not required, but is a convenience in clarifying the supporting documentation the state is required to submit to the U.S.... More…

  2. Incident Report Form
  3. Safety Suggestion Form & Hazardous Condition Report
  1. Farmers' Market Participation Form
  2. Inside Dublin Application
  3. Team Dublin 2017 Scholarship Application

    Application form for Team Dublin scholarship, awarded to Dublin resident who is a high school senior planning to attend college or... More…

Commission Vacancies

  1. Boards and Commissions Recruitment Notification

    Complete this form to be notified of future recruitments of scheduled and unscheduled vacancies on City of Dublin Boards and... More…

  2. Community Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  1. Commercial Development Task Force Application

Dublin Police Services

  1. Neighborhood Crime Watch Block Contact and Co-Block Contact Application

    Each Neighborhood Watch group is maintained by a Block Contact (previously known as Block Captain). Block Contacts serve as liaisons... More…

  2. Vacation/Security Check Request Form

    Going on vacation and want to make sure your home is safe? Complete this online form, and Officers will increase the frequency of... More…

  1. Open-Ended Complaint Form

    Allowing Dublin Police Services to enforce any and all laws on one's property in absence of property owner.

  2. Video Security Camera Registration

    Do you currently utilize private video surveillance at your home or business? Video surveillance is one of the best methods for... More…

Parks and Community Services

  1. Contract Instructor Course Proposal Form - New and Returning Instructors

    If you're interested in being a contract instructor for the City of Dublin, complete this form and submit it for review and approval.

  2. Farmers' Market Participation Form

    Apply to participate in an upcoming Farmers' Market.

  3. Senior Fee Assistance Program 'DUBLIN CARES' Application

    Complete one (1) application per senior. *Please note: Funding limit is $200 per applicant, per year, up to a 50% subsidy of the... More…

  1. Cultural Arts Database Application

    Artists and arts organizations/businesses that are based here or serve residents are invited to submit information to be included in... More…

  2. Public Art Selection Committee Interest Form

    Residents interested in volunteering to serve on public art selection committees are invited to apply for consideration. Public art... More…

  3. Youth Fee Assistance Program 'DUBLIN CARES' Application

    Complete one (1) application per child. *Please note: Funding limit is $200 per applicant, per year, up to a 50% subsidy of the... More…