Crossroads of the Bay Area

The City of Dublin has long been known as a crossroads of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Dublin is located at the crossroads to two major highways: Interstate 580 and Interstate 680.  However, the significance as a crossroads dates back hundreds of years, even to times when Native American trading trails crossed here.  The significance of crossroads grew over time to include Spanish explorers; early Mexican and mission trails; gold rush travelers; early ranchers and farmers; stagecoaches; freight wagons; and later bicycles, cars, trucks, and motorcycles.  With Dublin at the center, important road connections led north to Martinez and Contra Costa County; south to San Jose and Santa Clara County; east to Stockton and the East Coast; and west to Hayward, Oakland, and San Francisco.  Through the years, Dublin has seen Native American hunters and traders, migrating families looking for new homes, gold seekers, farmers, ranchers, military convoys on the way to war, and many, many cars on their commute.

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1. Crossroads of the Bay Area
2. The First Settlers
3. Spanish Explorers, Missionaries, and Mexican Rancheros
4. Gold Rush Adventurers and Early Farmers
5. More Farmers, the Lincoln Highway, and Bootleggers
6. World War II: The First Big Expansion
7. Making Suburbia
8. Local Control, Incorporation, and The New History
9. The Future?