What common types of violations are enforced?
For more information regarding common types of violations, please visit the Common Types of Violations webpage.

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1. Which City Ordinances apply to property use and maintenance?
2. Who do I call when I feel someone is in violation of the Ordinance?
3. How tall can a fence, wall, or hedge be on my residential property?
4. Can I build a fence higher than six feet?
5. What is a traffic visibility area?
6. What types of fences are prohibited?
7. What are the property line setbacks for an accessory structure?
8. Does an accessory structure require a building permit?
9. Can I keep my inoperable vehicle in my driveway?
10. Can I park a vehicle registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles as non-operational in public view?
11. Where can I park my recreational vehicle (RV)?
12. Can I repair vehicles in my driveway?
13. Can I have a home occupation?
14. Do I need a business license even if my business is not located in Dublin? How do I get one?
15. Can I park my company vehicle in a residential district?
16. Can I park my commercial vehicle in a residential district?
17. Where can I store my Amador Valley Industries (AVI) solid waste containers?
18. Does the City have a Heritage Tree Ordinance?
19. How can I obtain a tree removal permit application?
20. Can I have a garage / yard sale?
21. How many dogs / cats can I have?
22. Can I have an auto shade structure in my driveway?
23. What is a Code Violation?
24. What can I do about the tree branch hanging over my neighbor's fence?
25. As a Business Owner in Dublin, do I need a special permit to display promotional advertisement such as a sign or balloon?
26. Can I raise chickens or other livestock in my backyard?
27. Who do I call when I feel someone is in violation of the Ordinance?
28. Who do I contact if I have observed Graffiti in my neighborhood?
29. Is my report of a violation anonymous?
30. What common types of violations are enforced?
31. How do I report a Code violation?
32. How is Code compliance achieved?