What are the typing certificate requirements?
Most clerical positions require verification of the applicant's typing ability. When returning the application form, the applicant must submit written documentation of being able to type the minimum speed required. This documentation must contain the following:
  • Name of the applicant
  • Date the typing skills test was administered
  • Duration of the typing skills test (five minutes minimum)
  • Gross words typed per minute
  • Number of errors made
  • Name and telephone number of the organization / agency and signature of the person administering the test

The typing verification may be a copy. It must have been obtained within six months prior to the application deadline. This typing verification documentation must be from an accredited business college, educational institution, public agency, professional service, or business concern which routinely provides typing verification documentation in their normal course of business. The Human Resources Department will not search the files to locate previously submitted verifications.

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