Disaster Preparedness

Our Mission

The goal of Disaster Preparedness for both you and the City is survival of the event and a return of stability in a timely manner in the aftermath.

To accomplish this, the City has gathered useful information from expert and outside organizations and included this information on our website on the Emergency Tips page. There, information has been divided into four categories:

  • What can I do to be prepared?
  • What emergency agencies are out there and how can they help me?
  • What specific threats may I face?
  • What training resources can I access?

Keeping You Safe

The City of Dublin provides training and informational materials to ensure that City Staff and residents are prepared to respond to natural and man-made disasters. In short, your preparation will inform and empower you to meet your own, as well as your family’s, needs during what is normally an extremely chaotic period.

Additional Resources