Temporarily Renting Your BMR Home

The City requires that BMR homeowners occupy their BMR unit. However, the City understands that there are unique situations in which owner-occupancy may not be feasible. The City allows temporary rentals to alleviate hardship. According to the Guidelines to the Inclusionary Zoning Regulations Ordinance, Section BMR homeowners who are unable to find a qualified buyer to purchase their home at the adjusted resale price may rent their home, if the following steps are completed and approved:

  1. Execute an agreement with the City. Work with the City to prepare and execute a rental regulatory agreement (between you and the City) for a term of no more than 12 months.
  2. Find a qualified tenant. Advertise the availability of your BMR unit and select a tenant who meets income qualifications. BMR homes are restricted for affordability at certain income levels. This is specified in your Resale Restriction Agreement. Contact City staff to verify the income category and current annual income equivalent.

Temporary Rental Policy: Hardship

BMR homeowners may rent their unit for up to 12 months if they are able to demonstrate hardship. For the purposes of this policy, a “hardship” means circumstances in which a BMR homeowner is required to be absent from the unit for an extended period of time due to either a change in the location of his or her employment or health problems of the owner or of an immediate family member of the owner. BMR owners who face a hardship should contact the City to confirm eligibility and discuss rental procedures. (Guidelines to the Inclusionary Zoning Regulations Ordinance , Section 4.6.2)

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