Special Exhibits

Dublin Heritage Park's Murray Schoolhouse Little Classroom features rotating temporary exhibits that delve into interesting aspects of Dublin history, not covered in the permanent exhibit. Exhibits are curated by staff and volunteer curators. Monthly Hands-on History activities often complement the special exhibits. Admission is free.

Temporary Exhibits

New Exhibit -  Making Music, Making Memories

June 1, 2020 - September 26, 2020  

Music has always been an essential part of human life. From the first lullabies we sing to our babies to the requiems and dirges composed for the dead, music accompanies our lives. It forms part of our rituals of celebration and grief, it entertains and soothes, and it enriches our everyday moments. Come and explore how music surrounds our lives. Whether we live in tule houses, ranches, farms, or in the suburbs, music has always been part of our community.

Get Involved
Business partners, service clubs, and individuals are invited to sponsor temporary exhibits. Please email for more information. 

The museum is also looking for volunteers to help share Dublin's history.
We welcome all that are interested including professional historians and museum studies students to serve as volunteer curators and help design new exhibits. Email the City's Heritage Coordinator for more information about volunteering.