Holiday Schedule Changes

2021 Holiday Street Sweeping Schedule Changes

In the City of Dublin, street sweeping takes place on the day following garbage collection.

On weeks when holidays occur, such as Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, garbage collection is delayed and subsequently affects street sweeping for that day and the rest of the week.

The 2021 holiday schedule for street sweeping is as follows: 
Monday, September 6
  • Route 1A: Sweeping normally scheduled for Monday, September 6, will take place on Monday, September 27.

Thursday, November 25     

  • Route D: Sweeping normally scheduled for Thursday, November 25, will take place on Monday, November 29.
Friday, December 24  
  • Route C: Sweeping normally scheduled for Friday, December 24, will take place on Tuesday, December 28.
View the street sweeping map to see if your neighborhood will be affected.  

Please Move Your Cars on Sweeping Days

Residents are encouraged to move their car off the street on sweeping days and remove their trash receptacles from the street after pick-up so that the street is clear the following day for street sweeping. 

Contact Us

Please call the Maintenance Division of Public Works at (925) 833-6630 with any comments or questions regarding the street sweeping holiday schedule.