Route Changes, Notes & Public Reminders

Please Remember to Remove Your Trash Receptacles

The route changes have been made so that street sweeping will follow the garbage collection day. Residents are encouraged to remove their trash receptacles from the street following pick-up so that the street is clear the following day for street sweeping.

Residents Can Help by Parking Off-Street & Trimming Your Trees

When cars are parked on the street, the sweeper is not able to sweep next to the curb where most of the dirt and debris settles. You can help by moving your car off the street on sweeping days. This is especially important on small courts, where one parked car may prevent sweeping nearly the entire cul-de-sac. The sweeper may also be obstructed by overhanging trees. Trees that are near the street should be kept trimmed to a height of at least 14' above the street and 7' above the sidewalk.

Please Don't Place Piles of Debris in the Street

During the heavy leaf-fall season (usually beginning in late November and continuing into January), the sweeping contractor may run later than normal due to the extensive amount of leaf debris on the street. Your cooperation in not placing piles of debris in the street is appreciated. The sweeper cannot pick up large piles of leaves or other material. In addition, the sweeper is authorized to pick up only the leaves that fall naturally into the street. Please do not rake or blow leaves from your yard into the street area.

Contact Us

The City of Dublin appreciates your comments regarding its services. For more information regarding street sweeping or the Clean Water Program, please call Public Works at (925) 833-6630.