Compost, Recycling, Garbage

What Goes Where?

Questions about what goes where? Check out AVI's Commercial Recycling Guide or AVI's Multifamily Service Guide.

CompostCompost with food scraps, food soiled paper, and plant wasteCompostable materials include food scraps, food soiled paper, and plant debris. AVI offers a 50% discount on all commercial compost collection services.

RecyclingRecycle sign with paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, jars, plasticsRecyclable materials include clean paper and cardboard, plastic bottles and containers, glass bottles and jars, and metal and aluminum cans. AVI offers a 75% discount on all commercial recycling services.

LandfillLandfill sign with plastic bags and wrap, plastic lined paper, plastic to go containers

Landfill or garbage materials are items that are not compostable or recyclable, like plastic bags and wrappers, polystyrene foam, waxed drink cartons, plastic utensils and straws, and diapers and pet waste.

Hazardous waste does not belong in any of AVI's collection containers and should be taken to the designated facilities for proper disposal. For information on proper disposal, please visit StopWaste's Business Hazardous Waste page.