Temporary Public Art- 40th Anniversary-Themed Lawn Display


As part of the City of Dublin's 40th Anniversary Celebration, a temporary public art project was developed, seeking artists to create pieces that would be displayed in highly visible locations throughout Dublin.  Following an open call for artists, four artists were commissioned to create temporary artworks.  

The project specifically called for engaging projects that reflect the 40th-anniversary theme and would allow for community involvement during the design/fabrication process.  Artworks were approved by the City Council in March 2022 and were on display through December 2022.

Selected Art Works

•    “Light Works Shadow Play,” by Thomasin Dewhurst, on display at the Civic Center Clock Tower. 

•    “Celebration,” by Kelsey Hubbard, on display at the Shannon Community Center.

•    “Rotating Shapes,” by Trent Thompson, on display at The Wave at Emerald Glen Park.

•    “We are Dublin,” by Sawsan Wolski and Vanessa Thomas, on display at the Dublin Library.

For more information on this project, please contact tyler.phillips@dublin.ca.gov or call 925-556-4500. 

40th Anniversary Art on Display

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