SCS Property Community Outreach

On February 15, 2022, City Council approved the Preferred Plan for the SCS property.  For information on the Preferred Plan and the community outreach for the SCS property visit

On March 1, 2022, the property owner, SCS Development Company, submitted a development application based on the Preferred Plan.  The Proposed project, SCS Dublin, is a mixed-use project consisting of up to 265,000 square feet of commercial uses and 650 residential units.  The project application includes a General Plan/Eastern Dublin Specific Plan Amendment, Planned Development with Stage 1 and State 2 Development Plans and Development Agreement.  For more information on the SCS Dublin project go to:


The SCS Property is the vacant 76.9-acre property located north of I-580 between Tassajara Road and Brannigan Street and extends to the north of Gleason Drive.

On August 18, 2020, the City Council denied the At Dublin project proposed on the SCS Property, directing Staff to leave the General Plan Amendment Study open and work with the property owner to conduct a community outreach process to gather input on the future use and development of the property.  The City Council meeting is available on the City’s website.

Map of SCS Property Location


The SCS Property Community Outreach includes a two-pronged approach to gain consensus on acceptable land uses and future development of the property.  The approach includes utilizing an Urban Land Institute Technical Advisory Panel (ULI TAP) to create a foundation for future discussion, and a consultant team to assist in engaging the community. The ULI TAP program provides expert, multidisciplinary advice to local governments on complex land use issues ranging from site-specific projects to public policy questions. The ULI TAP took place June 24-29 and included input and recommendations on land uses that optimize the synergy between land use, economic development, and community compatibility for the SCS Property.

For the second part of the outreach program, City Staff is teaming up with ELS Architecture & Urban Design and their supporting multidisciplinary consultant team to work with the community, property owner and other stakeholders to identify viable land uses and development options for the property. The work will be driven by the guiding principles (below) and consider feedback from the community, Staff, City Council, financial and economic feasibility, and goals of the property owner.


The principles that will guide the public outreach process and create a foundation for the preferred plan are:

  1. The goal of the outreach process is to gain consensus on preferred land use and future development of the property.
  2. The outreach process will include a variety of interested parties including the property owner, adjacent property owners (i.e., Grafton, Lowe’s), adjacent homeowner’s associations and the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.
  3. The preferred plan will create the framework for a mixed-use private project including limited public amenities.
  4. The preferred plan will establish minimum residential densities.
  5. The preferred plan will meet the goals of the property owner to create a financially and economically feasible project in the current market and long-term sustainability for the City.


A Community Advisory Committee, consisting of 14 Dublin residents and business owners, was formed to provide input through the outreach process.  The CAC will:

  • Provide a community perspective on development of the SCS Property
  • Share thoughts on previous proposals for the SCS Property
  • Share thoughts on general priorities for development in Dublin
  • Provide input on the greater public engagement strategy 
  • Provide feedback on the initial land use framework and preferred plan


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As part of the outreach program, a new project website has been launched and serves as the centralized place for project information, community surveys and announcements.  Go to for all the latest project information.

For any other related inquiries about the SCS Property Community Outreach, please contact Amy Million, Principal Planner at 925-833-6610 or